Sunday, July 25, 2010

There's stuff happening! Lots of it!

Attack of the Knitted Tentacles
I'm all too aware that deadlines are approaching like nobody's business, so I'm currently spending most of my time trying to catch up like a madwoman. Lots of monsters happened in the last week for the Attack of the Knitted Tentacles exhibition, and now the last-minute-flood-of-ideas has set in, and I've not really got a clue how to realise them all without locking myself in a room and foregoing human contact for the next week. It's awfy exciting, though!

Watch out, tentacles!

Maik of Dekor Labor suggested a collaboration on a kids' t-shirt earlier this year, so we set to work. The finished product is something I'm utterly pleased with and is now available in the Carmenland Shop.
Kids' shirts

More recently, my friend Jenny asked me to consider doing some illustrations for a forthcoming planetarium show at the Centre for Life in Newcastle. A very exciting opportunity!

In indoor gardening news, it's not looking anywhere near as good. Whilst our crop of tomatoes was quite exciting (nothing Nils couldn't destroy single-handedly within seconds, but still at least detectable), mice and whitefly have plagued the peas and cucumbers, and trampled the rocket and radishes. I have managed to harvest a pod containing a single pea, which was mildly exciting, but honestly, at this point I don't see myself repeating this shit next year. I'll probably go for more tomato plants and leave it at that.

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