Sunday, March 16, 2008

100 Things to do before I go: Nos 26 to 50

26. Visit some other buildings designed by Hundertwasser.
27. Make some buttons and use them in a project.
28. Learn how to do basic html magic.
29. Do some voluntary work.
30. Get the silver fencing award.
31. Learn to ride a horse.
32. Earn actual money from selling handmade stuff.
33. Make some wine.
34. Make some beer.
35. Teach my gran a new skill.
36. Live in Germany, at least for a bit.
37. Invent a holiday and celebrate it annually.
38. Finish this list :^)
39. Build another pinhole camera.
40. Make a wedding dress for somebody.
41. Have pets.
42. Get family and friends to contribute to a book.
43. Start and finish a project other people benefit from.
44. Be unreasonably kind to strangers for a whole day.
45. Teach a child (not my own) a skill.
46. Make [a vegan version of] pelmeni from scratch.
47. Own some snowdrops.
48. Go sledging.
49. Translate ‘Room on the Broom’ into German.
50. Go somewhere from where you can see the Aurora Borealis.

You started on yours yet?


PhotonStorm said...

38: that's cheating! :-)

King Carmen said...

:^) I know... And you haven't even seen Nos 90 to 95 yet, I'm really getting desperate now!