Wednesday, March 19, 2008

And the final 25:

76. Make some paper.
77. Have a computer-free day each week and actually stick to it.
78. Paint a mural.
79. Decorate a flat.
80. Find a butterfly pupa and keep an eye on it until the butterfly hatches.
81. Go on holiday to Norway.
82. Watch a lunar eclipse with Nils.
83. Write a Wikipedia article.
84. Be an expert in something.
85. Grow my hair really really long (it probably won’t play along, but I can try, at least...)
86. Once my hair is really really long, cut it off on a New Year’s day.
87. See the Leutratal orchids.
88. Learn about edible weeds.
89. Make jam.
90. Stay in Frogg Manor’s Lady Guinevere Suite.
91. Re-read ‘Die Söhne der großen Bärin’.
92. Find somewhere that has fireflies.
93. Make a donation to a worthy cause.
94. Train myself to just know what time it is.
95. Make my own cough sirup.
96. Figure out how proper pop-ups work and use the knowledge in books of my own.
97. Own a bonsai.
98. Own a grandfather clock.
99. Make a kilt for Nils.
100. (Cheating again:) Actually do everything on this list.

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