Friday, May 01, 2009

Don't mention the war

I've had a whole litter of new monsters today. The air in this flat is thick with pink furry fuzz, and I fear my nose may never stop itching ever again. I wonder if there's a condition called Monstermakers' Lung.

Mike is fully responsible for me not having any access to a camera. The details are too boring, really, but it means that I can't take pictures of the monsters, which makes me sad.

If I had a camera, I could also show you our lovely new couch, which is comfy! And has also been covered by yours truly, after IKEA refused to give us the cover we wanted.

So, instead of photos, here's some doodles I did for colouring in purposes for that kid that keeps hanging round here.

Yesterday, I did an illustration which involved one hundred million (almost) tiny swastikas and a happy Hitler. I'm strangely nervous about it. Luckily, it is for a guy who routinely calls me a nazi, so I'm hoping he'll get the joke.

It's actually very cute and I want it on a t-shirt, but I'm a bit too scared of the Don't Mention The War brigade.

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dekor labor said...

her mit dem HTLR !!!! :) come on!!!

/ ich schreib dir per myspace, hab ein anliegen an Dich !!! :)